Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi, everyone! I took a little vacation from blogging after my big obedience debut (gone bad). Mom's been so busy sewing dance costumes that she hasn't been able to type for me! Here's a picture of us hounds helping our mom make some tutus. Aren't we helpful? We're such a great team.

Only one more month until Bunny Chasin' season starts up!

Mom says we have to get back to the sewing machine if we want to have all of these costumes done by this afternoon. Talk to ya later! -Lacey

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm back from my winter of discontent. It's been snowy, icy, and just treacherous outside for the past two weeks! And to make matters worse, Mom's been sewing dance costumes instead of napping with me and my fellow hounds. Ugh. But this week it will be in the mid-sixties, and my spirits are up! We went on a wonderful walk today.

I'm sure you're all wondering how my big obedience show went on Saturday. I bet you're also wondering if I won a new squeaky toy, right? Well, I got a little nervous. Really nervous. And Mom couldn't "talk me up" like in rally. I wanted out of that ring. So I left. Yup. Went right over to my Dad and jumped on his lap. I guess I didn't qualify, because I know I didn't come home with a squeaky.

Mom wasn't so happy, and made me come back in the ring to finish. I did pretty good through the off-lead and figure-eight. I even did good on the sit stay and down stay. But I sure wasn't happy. Mom's trying to figure out what got into my little head that made me so scared. I'll never tell her. I'm a quirky little girl, and my mind is very complex.

Mom said she was proud of me for finishing, and she also said we are taking a break from obedience and going back to rally for a while. I like rally better, anyways.

Oh, and do you know what I like best? Bunny Chasing! Yup. The snow melted, so Bunny Chasing must be right around the corner! Pack the car up and get my toes taped, it's almost Spring! -Lacey