Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's been a while...

Hi, blog world! It's been a few months since my last post. As you know, it's Bunny Season, and this girl is quite busy chasin' trash bags! Here's where we've been:

First, we spent the weekend in Fairborn, Ohio at the OKIGO ASFA trial. I was on my best behavior at the line. When I was a little younger, I used to throw fits at the line (see photo below). In my career, I've broke someone's nose, ripped someone's pants off, tore my Dad's shirt, inflicted serious damage to a woman's thumb, and left numerous bumps, bruises, and claw marks on many, many legs. As I get older, I've learned to use my energy more wisely. Instead of wasting it at the line, I use it to cheat on the field. Anyway, we had fun our first weekend out.

Photo by Shot on Site

The next weekend we went on a Road Trip to Michigan with our friends, Charlene and Pat, and their whippets Lucy (my niece) and Turbo (my brother). We got to stay in a fancy hotel called the Red Roof Inn. We had fun jumping from bed to bed, but the best part of our trip was definitely the bunny chasing!

We coursed at the Raisin River Rhodesian Ridgeback Club's AKC trial. The course was set over a rolling field, and Madden did not like the hills. She chose to run around them instead of over them, costing her some serious points. Lucy and Allie had great weekends, though. Here's Lucy running for Best in Field! Lucy is now an AKC Field Champion after 3 weekends out.

Lucy and Allie are having a wonderful year on the field!

Next, we headed back to Fairborn, Ohio for the OKIGO AKC trial. Mom had a wedding to go to, so she sent only Allie to run on Saturday, while the rest of us arrived on Sunday. Boy did we miss a big day for Allie. She placed 1st in her flight for a 5-point-major! Now she has a total of 12 points, 2 second places and 1 first place. All she needs now is another first place major and she'll be a Field Champion! We are so proud of little Allie. She goes nuts over that bunny, and Mom loves to watch her run! On Sunday, I was well-behaved at the line again. I've matured into a polite little lady, haven't I?

Along with lure coursing, I've kept busy with quite a few other projects this spring. I've been keeping up on my therapy dog work at Cedar Village Nursing Home and Ronald McDonald House. My brother, Wager, also passed his Delta Society Pet Partner test, and will soon be visiting the library! Mom took him for ice cream after his exam. She forgot to bring some home for me. Below is their "team photo " taken at Bethesda North Hospital.


I've been also helping out A TON at the dance studio. Mom's been extremely busy preparing for the annual recital, and I help out whenever needed! Just last week I worked with the photographers to help them pose the children for dance pictures! I ended up with lipstick on my butt, but I had lots of fun with the little Ballerinas! Hopefully when the recital is over, Mom will have more time to help me type this blog. I miss sharing my adventures with everyone online!

Yesterday, Mom and Dad took us to our local Memorial Day Parade. I love parades. Next week, I will be participating in the Milford Frontier Day Parade with Mom's dance studio. Afterwards, we have an ice cream party. Can't wait!
Well, the rain has stopped and the sun is shining this morning, and I must get out and roll in some worm guts before they all dry out! Talk to you later!


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