Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Dad,

Thanks for leaving an entire package of DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES on the counter within my reach. After going to the vet this morning to get my sore neck checked out, I was a little hungry, and they were just what I needed to get feelin' better. I hope you didn't want me to leave you any. I'm sure you didn't. They were all for me, right? Oh, I'll be right back. Mom's calling me.

Mom just gave me a little something to drink. It was very carbonated. Oh wait, my stomach's feeling a little queasy. Be right back.

Hey Dad, you know how you like to recycle? Well, I recycled your DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES! Yup. They're all sitting in 4 little piles in the kitchen. Most are still intact! I was going to eat them again, because I know how you wanted me to have them. But Mom said no, we should put them in a baggie and leave them for you, Dad.

Can't wait for you to get home from work! You're the best!


Your Lacey-Doodle

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