Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good morning, World! It's Lacey again. I made sure to wake the humans up extra early so I can get started on my blog entry. We had a late night yesterday. The Dog Whisperer was on all night, and one episode even had whippets! My dad loves to watch that show. I swear he thinks he's Ceasar or something. This morning, he even practiced "calm assertiveness" and made me and the hounds sit in the living room while he and Mom ate breakfast! It was absolutely ridiculous! If it were Mom, she'd let us sit on her lap and eat off her plate. We must stop National Geographic from airing this show. It is very detrimental to our well-being. He did, however, reward us with a big plate of leftover scrambled eggs. Off on a walk! Later. -Lacey


  1. Hi Lacey!

    My Mum watches that all the time too and sometimes tries to train us afterwards. Doesn't last long because we just cuddle up next to her and she forgets.

    She lets us lick the roast tins when Dad can't see, until they start clanging around on the floor and give the game away!

    Love your blog, hope you don't mind a couple of elkhounds sniffing around?

    Freya & Keesha

  2. Beautiful whippets!!!!

    My boys aren't allowed to watch shows with other animals in them. They ATTACK my tv like two demons. They'd be jealous of Lacey!

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. Lacey,

    We agree that shows such as this are no good for the humans to watch. They want to make us do things afterwards and what self assured whippet girl (or boy) really wants to do such silly human tricks?

    ~Your's in Blog Land
    Melba and the crew

  4. Lacey, Nike and Tara whippets agree as well! Welcome to blogland.

  5. Hi there Lacey! Nice to meet cha! We have a Dallie sista & she really runs like you Whippets do...

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. Don't forget to get your Willow award nomination(s) in! Info is on Whippet World...
    (OK, I just had to plug it!)