Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm feeling sparkly today. No, it's not what I ate for's my new coursing blankets! Mom's been making a lot of dance costumes lately, and she had some extra fabric to make us some bling-bling blankets. Here's me in pink:

The Front:

The Back:

And the Bottom:

And here's Allie-Bean in Blue (She was busy playing "COD" with Dad to get up and pose):

Is it coursing season yet? -Lacey


  1. Tell Allie that 'COD' is Bella's Dad's favorite game and that she loves to watch too! Silly Hounds!

  2. no way, bella! i would have never guessed that little whippet girls like bloody wwII games!


  3. hello there. what great colors on you. welcome to DWB I hope you stop by and meet me sometime. Have a great day.